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I finally got to stop at the new Taco Villa today. I ordered two beef burritos hoping they would taste like the original Taco villas in Waite Park. To my delight they were exactly what I expected them to be taste size even to the tin foil wrapping. Atmosphere is as good as any other restaurant in this town. Service was perfect. And as I stated the food was exactly what the old Taco Villa served me many years ago. I'd recommend anybody to go and try it. And knows what the old Taco Villa served. You won't be disappointed! I wasn't!

Joe H.

This is the place to go for the best softshell taco ,burritos I come every time I'm here. Great job guys thank you for the memories.

Edward M.

It is great to have the original Taco Villa menu available again. Very happy to have them open and serving my nostalgic food.


Brian M.

Excellent food. Excellent service.

Jessica T.

Great food and amazing employees

Logan H.